Reorganization / Restructuring

Optimising the entrepreneurial organisational structure is not only of great significance in times of difficult economic conditions. Consequently applied process management presents an elementary success factor in an increasingly more complex and dynamically changing entrepreneurial environment.

The ongoing analysis and optimisation of the organisational structure, combined with effective Controlling consistent with reviewing, evaluating and controlling of processes and resources therefore must be a procedure that sustainably supports all other corporate processes.

Overview of our services:

  • Individual advice in all matters concerning the evaluation and optimisation of your internal and external organisational structure
  • Revision of strategic positions and implementation into market and turnover planning
  • Support in respect of substantially reducing the cost structure
  • Developing proposals for improvement potentials in the operational processes
  • Ongoing process optimisation during restructuring and reorganisation
  • Negotiations with shareholders and stakeholders

In order to provide in particular SMEs with a cost-effective opportunity to obtain consultation services in the currently difficult economic environment, we also cooperate with local regional partners (Chamber of Industry and Commerce and Chambers of Trade) within the scope of both "Round Table" and "Turn around".

Within this framework, SME’s are able to claim up to 75% of € 8,000 from KfW funds, which can be made available for restructuring companies, which have been affected by the crisis. On this basis, we are able to provide you with a consultation consisting of 10 consultancy days to develop and implement restructuring measures in cooperation with you.

In order to also guarantee constant communication aimed at training, one of our consultants will be acting as a visiting lecturer for the subjects of "General Management" and "Corporate Management".