Controlling & Financial Planning

The finance sector is subject to comprehensive and complex changes.

Changes with respect to accounting or regulatory stipulations as required by IFRS or US GAAP result in the extensive restructuring of the planning and control processes, in setting up management information systems and/or in developing your own risk management.


  • Analysis of annual accounts and actual data
  • Implementation of planning software
  • Setup of integrated profit, liquidity and balance sheet planning
  • Sales and turnover planning
  • Planning for profit centres and market segments
  • Cost and expense planning with individual and overhead costs
  • Investment and depreciation planning
  • Financial planning for investments and loans
  • Setup of monthly reports

Current Controlling:

  • Plausibility check of actual data
  • Comparison budgeted figures with actual figures, overhead cost analysis
  • Preparation of profit and loss account, cashflow account and balance sheet for YTD period
  • Representation of the actual liquidity situation
  • Preparation of budgeted balance sheets, budgeted profit and loss accounts, liquidity planning